UNLPA Certification

Only a UNLPA Master or UNLPA Trainer who upholds the gruidelines of the certification process, may conduct UNLPA certified courses.

UNLPA has developed a framework of guidelines for NLP courses which represents the highest standards and requirements for the quality of these NLP courses. Only NLP graduates, who have finished their NLP training according to these guidelines, are entitled to a UNLPA certificate endorsed by the UNLPA seal. Please refer to the respective documents for more detailed information regarding the guidelines of the individual courses.

Use of the UNLPA Seal

The UNLPA seal is patented and represents a qualitative characteristic for NLP courses, which are internationally recognized. The UNLPA seal may only be used under the following conditions:

  • The UNLPA seal may only be used for NLP training documents which comply with the guidelines of UNLPA. The following sentence is to be used on all documents: “This training is in accordance with the standards of the United NLP Association”.
  • Should the UNLPA seal be used on brochures or advertisements which publicize different trainings or events, it must be clear which of these are conducted according to UNLPA standards.
  • The UNLPA seal can be used on business cards or letterheads, as long as the person is a registered UNLPA trainer or Master Trainer. The following words should be used: “Registered UNLPA-Trainer” or “Registered UNLPA Master Trainer”.
    "Registered UNLPA-NLP-Trainer" or "Registered UNLPA-NLP-Master-Trainer"
  • The UNLPA seal may only be used on UNLPA certificates, which confirm participation in a UNLPA course, which has been conducted by a registered UNLPA NLP Trainer or UNLPA Master Trainer.

UNLPA training guidelines

PractitionerUNLPA NLP-Practitioner (pdf)

MasterUNLPA NLP-Master-Practitioner (pdf)

TrainerUNLPA NLP-Trainer (pdf)

Master-TrainerUNLPA NLP-Master-Trainer (pdf)

Become a UNLPA trainer:

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